Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Kinect Star Wars

After our work on Disneyland, Microsoft came to us for help on Star Wars. The company in charge at the time wern't doing so well with the UI, so we were tasked to do a overhall on the menus and animations.

I've included some of the menu concepts, that started out as R2 projecting the menu to it being in the council hall. We got this back in November 2012 if I remember correctly, so at the start we only had two game modes. We inititally had 2months to complete everything, but as we all know the game got delayed. We did however have a early copy of the dancing stages haha. I didn't get a copy of the game to see it in it's final form, but I do know that my name is 18mins into the credits haha. Also they spelt my name WRONG!! :(

I did animation work for the game too, this is just an example of a button test I did. The code was done by Jon Pace. The button is fully interactive, with an over and pressed animation.

More Coaster Crazy

The last lot of artwork I did at Frontier before I departed. I'm actually not 100% sure what made it into the final game except the screen shots I've seen. I know the track pieces are different but other than that not a scooby doo. I do have the game but havn't played through it properly to see.

Finally got round to adding more work from my time at Frontier. Kinectimals mobile/now with bears!

Right Click on the image and select play to go to the next Frame. The file is corrupted so I'm not able to add a button unfortunately.