Work I produced at Frontier for "Lostwinds" out on iPhone/Pad. All drawn in Photoshop. I created various icons, panels and artwork for the FTUE.

Lostwinds 2

Here's some work for the sequal "Lostwinds 2" also on IOS devices
After the release of  Lostwinds I was told to update some of the assets within the game, to make them more HD. I also drew a new set of Achievement icons, and artwork for the FTUE.

Here's a quick video from Lostwinds 2 FTUE. This was animated in After Effects.

Kinectimals Mobile/Now with Bears!

Coaster Crazy!

For IOS devices, and The Wii U

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

For the "Princess Faire" icons I took the character rig and posed her in 3Ds Max. I had to match the dance moves performed during the Princess Faire. I also posed a few characters for the character icons that appear throughout the game.